Successful affiliate marketing spiked with Tecademics

With affiliate marketing on the rise, everyone wants to stay on top and get the biggest share in the profit pie. Known as the Tecademics or College of Internet Marketing, this unique innovation entered the world of multi-level business. Three unique products are offered while marketers make the sales but take home a portion of the money. For ultimate affiliate marketing success, it is worthwhile looking at this program.

About Tecademics  

Tecademics is the creation of Chris Record as his clients admired his success and wanted to imitate him. They are willing to pay and attend his educational programs confident that at the end of the course, they leave taking with them a set of valuable skills for successful online marketing.

Three tiers composed the Tecademics educational courses

  • TEC tier

Stands for “the Entrepreneur Club is the most basic level of education and the cheapest for only $100 a month. Packed with lots of information, the goal of TEC training is to create entrepreneurs online.

  • The IMPACT tier

‘Encyclopedia of internet marketing is most involved and advanced that cost $2,000 and focuses on the skills required for building a foundation. This tier is requisite before taking the 3rd tier.

  • Masters Course.

College of Internet Marketing is the most advanced course with a single flat rate of $10,000 and for 2 people to attend for the price of 1.  It closely mimics a standard university. Pathways served as majors to help plan making money after finishing the course.

Otherwise, all three come to a total of $13,200. Your affiliate marketing success is unlimited as those who cannot attend live classes are given access to all of the classes recorded.

How it works on the affiliate side

1. Upon completion of the course – Your entry to launching a successful career with internet marketing to make money via the Tecademics system.

2. First tier – This consists of a single sale to a client, an online associate, or even one that you purchased for yourself. There is a 40% profit that goes to the affiliate who invited you to join the program.

3. Second tier – You sell two of the three tiers, you get 20% of the sales and the other 20% is for the affiliate who brought you into the program.

4. Third tier – If you sold the third package, you make $2,000, or you would make $400 for the sale of an IMPACT course. To proceed to the 3rd, you have to make two sales.

5. Different set up – You are now working according to five set to make five sales. Every time you make a sale you get 40% of the profit. On the 5th sale, the profit is split; 20% is yours and another 20% goes upline. In the case, you see a Masters Tuition program; you make $18,000 with five sales.

Tecademics is one of the few affiliate marketing systems worth the time and effort not only to sell but also to buy for your own. The courses being offered will provide you a clear and strong understanding of internet marketing. It is the gateway to your affiliate marketing success as you will have plenty of eager and new students eager to try their luck in the online business. In time, these students will start to sell the product and increase your earnings.

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