What makes Email Marketing popular?

The advent of the internet introduced email marketing is another way to bring advertisement to the next level. An estimated increase of 15% in 2009 to £292 makes Email an important medium in the UK. Email advertising delivers ads info, requests business, solicits sales and asks donations. Its objectives are to create brand awareness, loyalty and trust.

Reasons why email marketing is popular:

1. It can track ROI and has proven ROI to be in its highest when done properly.

2. It is significantly more inexpensive and speedier than traditional mail.

3. Use as ESP (email service provider), it gathers information about recipient’s behavior.

4. As cost-effective method, it tests different marketing content, including creative, marketing copy, multimedia and visual assets.

5. Data result testing in the email channel are used across all channels in digital and print marketing campaigns.

Guide to successful email marketing

Use your best manners when you need to get into someone’s inbox. It is like being invited to someone’s home for dinner.

  • Phase I: Getting Permission

To get started, every email campaign must get the necessary permission. In email advertising, an initial step is to focus the email list- build into a sizeable size. Many methods are available: some give items as give-away while others supply newsletter or provide product updates.

To help determine if your email is delivered properly, provide instructions at the top of each email, place of initial thank you and first follow-up email. Furthermore, you can depend on the service from available online providers.

  • Phase II: Playing the Numbers Game

If your action call is strong, and your follow-up is consistent, then you are confident of a positive campaign. The first follow-up email is so crucial to the success of your email marketing efforts. The option to create an autoresponder is offered by almost all email service providers. Grab the opportunity. Is messaging consistent with your set expectations?  A newsletter is a welcome addition to any inbox because they provide new contents, latest updates and recent insights. Using the Autoresponder to save scheduled content delivery to be on consistent basis over the course of several months

  • Phase III: Segmentation and Analytics

Every service provider offers complimentary analytics. Utilize segmentation by splitting up your email list into more targeted groups. There is much value in your list, just imagine that each listed person has a set value of about $5. You can understand immediately how be risky it is to be losing several hundred to your bottom line.

5 ways email marketing can help your business grow

1. Email is a currency of the web and has wider reach including anybody online with active email address. You can link effectively with customers and prospects within the reach of the email.

2. Delivery of your message is sure; at least 90% of email is delivered to the intended recipient’s inbox.

3. Email is driven by conversions as there is no other channel as powerful as email.

4. Email is an open platform; it is not owned or controlled by any one particular entity. An open communication platform has multitude of services providing access to send and receive email

5. Email unlike any lover is forever. Look back at email’s history of stability.

When you build your email list, it is unlike the list that your were building in social media. Email advertising is an investment that is a stable and long-term investment. In the coming years, you will see it pays off and really worth the time spent in making it grow.

Now come check out the four percent group and how they use email advertising to the their benefits


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