Define your realm with domain names

A domain name is a unique title identifying a website. Each website in a niche has a domain name that serves as an address. Just like a web register, it is used to access the website. For example, the domain name of Niche Profit Full Control is

Get to know what a domain is

The domain name appears in the address bar of the web browser when you visit a website. Domain names have “www” in front and this is not considered as part of the domain name; others domains exclude the prefix. Three letters that are suffix to a domain determined its classifications. All domain names with “.com” are websites for commerce, while an “.org” suffix signifies are website considered as organizations that are non-profit. A country code is sometime used in a domain to identify websites’ location such as “dk” for Denmark or “se” for Sweden.

Four Tips in Creating Your Name

  • Choose a memorable name that you easily remember

Do not use words that are difficult to pronounce or spell. Misspellings are a serious and costly mistake.

  • Use creative words or phrases that best described your company

This is the best reminder for your potential clients to know what your business is about. This web register facilitates search rankings if you are depending on SEO traffics.

  • Do not include names that are similar to the brands in competition.

When it comes to handling violations of intellectual property rights, U.S. Office of Patent and Trademark are extremely strict. This office investigates if the domain name has already registered or applied for as such.

  • Buy an existing domain name or even one that expired.

If the name of the domain already exists and you consider the investment wise, you might purchase it. You will note that every month, so many domains are expired. Your choice of an expired domain is a practical option.

How to register a domain

1. Opt for a domain that is either top or middle level.

Factors to consider: *the level of your domain; *the attributes of your brand; *description of your business; *keywords used; * SEO consideration; and *unique digital brand.

2. Be sure to select the reliability of the registrar or reseller where you register

Go over the list of accredited registrars that processes top level domain (TLD) applications. Buying domain does not only consider the price but also the reliability of registrars in providing good customer service plus other add-on value that can be an asset to a business.

3. Check the availability of your choice

The availability of the domain name of your choice can be checked by using domain search tools and other resources. These are provided on the website of your chosen registrar. You cannot purchase a domain name from another party that has already been registered.

4. How long will be the registration?

Upon initial registration of your domain, the registrar will offer you a one-year or longer period. From this time on, you will keep track of the renewal of the registration and your intention for a renewal before the due date.

5. After payment, your registration process is completed.

You will provide contact and technical information when you register a domain name.

Once the domain name is in the registry, web register is done and you have signed the contract, you own the domain name. Congratulations! You have defined your realm.

Check out some of these popular domain hosts

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